Ziglab lake

Ziglab lake is a small lake formed by the first dam in Jordan. The dam feeds many of the northern Ghor plantations. Its main source is a cold river coming from the village of Marhaba. The river has many pools, waterfalls and slides. The area is an immigrant bird resting station and archeologists found many Neolithic and iron age artifacts there. The lake is clean and cold and has an expansion of 3 football fields. Nonetheless due to our hot summers the lake looses a lot and is out of our services from the end of September till the first heavy rains of winter.

This is a 4km water hike in and another 4km out, 2 of which are crossing the lake with our inflatable boats. You will wear a life jacket. You will get wet and you will have fun. The river hike is easy and full of jumps and waterfalls.

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