Wadi Feid

So far ,Wadi Feid canyon is the one with most waterfalls. This black canyon is made of volcanic rock with massive slabs. From the bottom, it has massive vegetation at its end and a decent flow of water all around the year.

You will abseil 12 waterfalls and have a long walk to reach the first and to come out after the last. Sleeping in Petra is a must. We move at 05:00 in the morning from the Nabatean city in a local 4x4 to the nearest point to the first waterfall where a local guide is waiting to join the group.

We reach the 4x4 out by night at 18:00 if the group is fast.
The group should be of 7 people or less. If the group is bigger (max 14 people), the tour is done in two days.

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